Hey everyone. I just got this vulture in. Haven’t done an exam on him yet (waiting on an extra pair of hands) but it sounds like he was grounded in a neighborhood in Greenville for about 5 days. He will most likely require care from someone who knows more about vultures. The problem is, we cannot afford to transport this guy right now. We need help! Many of you know that we do this work voluntarily and pay for everything out of pocket. If you can, please consider donating to our rescue! This vulture really needs your help! You can donate any amount of money through Paypal, to the email address:!

If all of my followers donated just 50 cents it would be more than enough to pay for this bird to get the help he needs! Please donate! 

Thank you to everyone who reblogged!

Unfortunately we have still only received $3 to help this guy out!

This is not enough to get the vulture the care he needs! Please help!

I was finally able to do an examination on him and discovered a compound fracture in his left wing elbow joint. This is a serious injury - especially since it is 5 days old now, and he is severely emaciated because of it!

Listen guys, I know it isn’t the usual ‘cute’ animal that is fun to reblog and support. Like a kitten or a dog. But every animal deserves a happy, healthy live. this guy is suffering with pain and starvation and he needs help.

Reblog and donate if you can. It won’t even take that much.



there are about 15 chickens clucking mysteriously in my front yard and I want to know what they are plotting 

Something fowl.

Omg Wag Brigade


The airport im at has the “wag brigade” that is literally just puppies who wander around to be pet and adorable. Thats so awesome ^^


Jessica called me out on the ice bucket challenge. She didn’t know i’d already done it. (or so she claims!) I decided to step it up a notch. 12 lbs of ice and a bathtub later, i have this video.

I handed out some extensions to Jim Butcher and Wil Wheaton, cuz if we can get the message to them it’ll obviously take time.

Also i called out mark Ruffalo.So lets try to get word to him, i know hes active on tumblr.

all this for and the fight for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.